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  1. Nice ! I would buy that book ! Emma rules ! Y see book store Barnes n Nobles is less than 10 min bus ride from where I live .
  2. Well my dear fellows > I used opportunity to buy gift card for Christmas Save A Lot gift card 15$ , and action figures for my collection : Robin from nintendo game , and Faith and icaros from video game Mirror s Edge . Those were last things i bought recently .
  3. she is so emotional in that video A+
  4. sorry with some grammar mistakes , because I am of mixed heritage . half Ukrainian half American. just please appreciate the effort .
  5. Hello I am Ukrainian-American , living in FL USA . a big fan of Emma W. I read the last book of Harry Potter and saw two movies as well .Still have to watch the rest of movies . I just want to see like minded people and to get Hi* in return .
  6. are you Russian ?! I am Ukrainian , fan too , there is a cool pic of Emma Watson ,pixie haircut , with umbrella . autumn colors . That one is mine fav .
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