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  1. I like to watch 🎥 Emma Watson Tv interviews that are on youtube. She grows up before our eyes and she has lots of interesting adventures. The David 💌 Letterman series covers Emma's remarks on all 8 Harry Potter films, plus comments on Perks of being a Wall 🌹 Flower and also the great flood and Noah movie. Yes I would like to read a book by Emma Watson.
  2. 'Check'is the position that the president-elect 🔠finds himself in. It's not 'check-mate' yet, but it's close. A foreign government stands accused of mounting a campaign of illegal hacking and leaks designed to help Trump get elected. Trump himself once said "Russia if your listening,...", during a rally. Donald hasn't been sworn in yet, but already his presidency is on the edge of a constitutional crisis, because allowing and encouraging spying and espionage could bring on an impeachment trial. Senator Lindsay Graham will hold hearings in 2017. If Trump's people lie and commit perjury whil
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