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  1. Very nice Ashley! Keep it up. Extraordinary colours!
  2. Comedy could be nice although i don't think that fits that well.
  3. Thats true. Quite decent game. Worth to take a look.
  4. wow ashley, wow! I guess you have taken a deep leap with graphics! Thanks for sharing more. I think focusing on the greyscale can be the best move!
  5. There are obviously very nice places around the world so its hard to say. Thus to pick just one.
  6. No matter how many times i see those they are always very cool!
  7. Haven't seen it yet but i hear has been very good
  8. Fantastic Beasts will be soon out! Check out here! What do you think?
  9. They are fun and interesting but more like fun and definitely not true
  10. I think you don't need the word "Feminism" to respect the woman gender. While we all are people - we are just equal. If you can't feel it that way then the word feminism and what goes with it is not gonna change you at any way whatsoever
  11. Disney is just magical! Whatever content produces is always a-quality!
  12. Lots of them, can't even point out my top 5. @davidnox : Curious to check 24! @sumit : Just checked Avatar the last airbender. Animated too? Didn't know it. Will give it a try.
  13. @watsonator: Well i do think potterheads are everywhere. Surely here too
  14. What is your favourite kind of music? Any good recommendations for some good music? I always end up having nothing new to listen to
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