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  1. awesome stuff. mind if i save some of your icons to use later over here? btw love ashley set.. and yours....can you make one for me. pleassssseeeeeeee of either the mortal instruments, divergent or maze runner.
  2. glad you like it dear just something i made of my two fave book female characters i havent read divergent but i still like tris and in the mortal instrument series i just read two BUT I LOVE BOOKS and these are my fave series as for now.
  3. awesome request. the emma one is brillant
  4. Yes I do accept request...ask as many as you like. And thanks
  5. i do like them the third one is my fave
  6. i cant believe it... i liked Robin Williams :/
  7. hehe thanks hun thanks thank you dear
  8. thats actually awesome. good job bravo
  9. aww im gonna miss you. but best of luck for you future and i wish you all the best. god be with you hun i would like to keep in touch with you, let me know via pm if that is possible. hope to see you around hugs hun xoxox
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