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  1. As soon as I get home, I change my clothes pretty much. I usually trade or switch my jeans to a sports bra and tank. In the winter, I add a hoodie. I just want to be relaxed in my home, I think because I'm going to probably do housework or lie on the couch before it's time to go to the fitness center or bed. I don't see the point of wearing (men's hoodies) household workwear. My workwear gets dirty several times and I don't want it in my house to touch the material. It's good to come home in the winter and transform into wet, comfortable wear.
  2. hi, nice to meet you Sara here,
  3. Hi and welcome here Hope we will spent a good time here
  4. In May, I bought a dress, and I was literally forced into minimalism by the poor customer service of that experience, and since then I have not bought any clothing. (Long story short, they paid me an incorrect sum and I went through nine circles of hell trying to get them to fix it, I kept bouncing between customer service agents and they kept lying about how anyone might contact me to correct their mistake.) I know that for many of you, a few months is nothing, but probably every other week I used to buy new clothes.
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