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  1. has been warned. :( Someone's abusing their powers.

    1. Antares


      And "This is a test" has to be the worst reason for giving a warning EVER!

  2. Hi Andrew. Thanks, one can never have enough friends. :)

  3. However hard you try, you can't run forever.

  4. is checking out the new forum.

    1. Dax


      Is wondering why Antares is talking in the third person.

    2. Antares


      Because, as on Facebook, these status messages start with your name, just like the good old /me, so instead of "Antares I think I'm great" you often write "Antares thinks he's great." This, by the way, isn't true for comments to those status messages, as you can see. You're doing it all wrong. :P

  5. moves on, forever longing for the hope he found in her eyes.

  6. Ponytails are hot.

    1. Revan


      Yes they are. <3


  7. Thanks! :) You're quick. I only just noticed myself. :)

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