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  1. An interesting thought. I suppose it's generally frowned upon to write one's memoirs before reaching the age of 30, but I suppose Emma's Harry Potter years would make for an interesting read. It's quite unusual for a child or young adult to spend a good part of her life on a film set and I'm sure she'd have some intriguing stories to tell.


    I found Sean Astin's book "There And Back Again" rather entertaining, and he's not exactly old either.


    Neve and I once created a make-believe trailer for a movie on Emma's life we'd like to see. If you go waaaay back on EW.net, you'll find it in the news of 25 December 2007 (http://emma-watson.net/page/128/).

  2. Helloooo and welcome back! You're right, that's one hell of an introduction post. I had no idea of your condition but I'm glad it all worked out for you. So, it's Danielle now? I guess that means you can keep your initials. A wise choice. And a pretty name. :)

  3. How come no one's ever commented on this one? Well, I, for my part, once had a dream encounter with Emma in a forest. That was while I was reading the final chapter of The Deathly Hallows, which may explain why she was dressed like Hermione and a couple of Death Eaters were charging towards us, throwing spells hither and thither. If I remember correctly, I walked up to her, took her hand, looked deep into her eyes, gave her an assuring smile, and said just a single word: "RUN!"


    Should I ever meet her in real life, though, I'd probably say something like "You look familiar. Have you been in Twilight?"

  4. Oh, I just realised I've still got about a thousand notification e-mails in my archive! So, let's see...


    I registered on 3 August 2007.


    I received my first personal message on 9 August by someone called Perspective~. Subject: "Hi". The first member I clearly remember having contact with was Enso. On 29 August, he sent me a message titled "yo". I then apparently had an extensive exchange with someone called ~*M i e z Z*~ about her not being able to access the then brand-new official website, and with au naturel, who was from the Netherlands if I remember correctly. 4 September saw the first message from pealegs ("Re:'ello"), who was actually one of the guesses in my first post in this topic. On 5 September, I got a message from KS987 - he might still be around. Eric (7 September) I remember well. I think he was going to be doctor.


    Then, on 14 September, I got a message from Little Dave ("WB"), and he's not only still around (albeit occasionally), but he's still got the same username! 16 September: Maestro (no idea who that was). It wasn't until 27 September that my conversations with Neve started ("Re:Time"). 26 October saw the beginning of our little biopic movie trailer project "A Little Bit of Magic" (Subject: "weird, weird, WEIRD idea"). I didn't actually receive a message from Jo (then called Jo_) until 4 December (Subject: "heeey").


    Ah, the memories...

  5. I said that like a page ago. No one listens to me. :( XD

    Well.. to be quite honest... I did notice that. It's just that Maestro seemed so happy and I didn't want to spoil that moment, especially since he's one of my all-time-favourite Technical Support guys on this forum. :kiss:


    ...Can I hug you for that Doctor Who reference??

    Ah, and here I was, hoping I might sound smart without anyone noticing who I'm ripping off. Every single time. Maybe I should start using some of Christopher Eccleston's lines instead.

  6. I'm sorry, I didn't hear the rest of your post over the sound of me falling in love with you. ;)

    Awww... thanks. :wub:


    I don't know much about her boyfriend other than that he has a flair for colourful garments and that makes me like him automagically.

    Oh noes, I've got competition? Ah, love's labour's lost. It wasn't meant to be...


    I feel like I'm not contributing too much to the topic, is that right?


    Well then, words of wisdom: Emma would be well advised to pick her friends from people she knows (that's "knows" as in "we shared a history class" not as in "has sent me cake by airmail"). That may be tough to accept but friendship kind of lives off the fact that people see each other now and then. Also, the correct way of doing things is "hey, I met someone I like, let's be friends" not "hey, I'd like to be friends with you, let's meet and like each other". I'm afraid I have to recommend to not try to befriend someone from another country you've never met and... hmm... that reminds me... has anyone seen Neve lately? Anyway. What I do recommend is going for the good old celebrity crush instead. And then, one sunny day, you're sure to realise that there are literally THOUSANDS of girls like Emma out there. Thousands! Or at least a few hundred. I mean, I it's got to be a dozen at least. Well, maybe not quite a dozen. Hmm. Has she got a sister?

  7. Wait, what? She's got a boyfriend? Blimey, I'm behind on the news! She's still acting, right?


    If I sent her a cake (if that's legal in the UK), would she eat it or would it look too suspicious?

    I know for a fact that cake is legal in the UK. :yesyes:


    The fandom is like a big ball of timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly stuff. Quite diverse. By and large, though, with just the teensiest bit of guidance here and there, the fandom does respect her privacy. Big time. Respectacular.


    Nothing wrong with talking about her work, though.


    Still, I'm pretty sure that boyfriends, even those doing a "bad job", don't classify as work.

  8. There's no fixed time, no. It's really just waiting for Maestro to notice the request and work the required magic. You're in Earth now, though. Did that happen after you wrote your post or was that just a general question?

  9. Now: where do you put it to get a oppinion, to get recognised?

    You'll usually get your initial opinions from friends, relatives, people whose judgement you trust.


    American studios do not generally accept exposés, you'd have to complete the script first. Also, they often don't accept scripts from unknown authors, so your first step would have to be to find a script agent who is willing to read your script and might then approach the studios.

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