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  1. If she is coveed up I have no problem. I mean telling a woman to go and sit on the toilet to breastfeed is both inconvinient and unsanitary. I mean if the woman is covered up she's not exposing herself and therefore is doing nothing wrong. If someone else has a problem with it then that is them being immatureand they can leave if it bothers them so much and not the woman's problem. Thankfully most public places at least there I live have a designated area in the woman's bathroom area with a nice seating area where woman can care for their children. But in a park situation when a mother has a b
  2. its a toss up for me between DH part 1 & 2 I think in those movies she really showed that she really can act. It was the first time I was truely impressed by her acting.
  3. I take homosexuality the same way I do other things I done agree with like being apart of another religion, political differences, differences in ideas of smoking drinking ect. I don't agree with it, and nothing will change that part of me but I don't allow for it to change my perception of the person. I still love them as I would all my other friends or family we would just agree to disagree. Does that makes sense? Anyways what God has to say about it is that homosexuality is wrong, no if ands or buts around it. But so are things that everyone does no matter what their orientation such as l
  4. IDK I wouldn't be surprised of all those dating rumors were true (minus Alex of course), maybe not all of them but some of them. I'm not saying full on relationship but maybe one or two dates. I'm not saying that everything the daily mail says about emma is true (obviously most of it isn't) I'm just saying that its not out of the realm or possibility. NowI do think a true boyfriend, girl friend relationship is ridiculous with any of the mentioned people.
  5. for school- the Iliad for fun-philospher's stone
  6. Momoko

    Favorite Books

    les miserables the little prince deathly hallows the luxe series gossip girl Alice in wonderland the vampire diaries vampire academy
  7. I'm considered on the more summer pallet which is like darker grayed colors I really like this purple this purple this blue and this blue
  8. Momoko


    I have a question for mostly people who have either already been there, live there, or are otherwise familiar with the area. I'll be going to Barcelona this summer and I'll be spending a few days around there for the first time and I was wondering if there are any can't miss places to go, restaurants, shops ect. I should go to while I'm there.
  9. I have sorta a list of places I would love to live. I want to live in many different places in my life I feel that there is so much world to experience I'd hate to get stuck in one place forever. Arizona Orlando New York Connecticut London Sydney St. Petersburg (like a summer home) Ireland Paris Athens
  10. What I believe is first off worship can be done in many ways such as singing, playing music, painting ect. Any ways we use one of our talents to bring glory to a specific deity is considered worship (for example in ancient Greek times people would keep their houses clean and a fire going in the hearth to worship the goddess Hestia). In the Christian faith worship is done as a response the glory and power that is God. He doesn't need our worship, he doesn't require it, but it is a believer's natural response to a miracle. For example; if someone were to look out over a natural wonder like the g
  11. I him in How to Succeed last week. He was AMAZING!
  12. I think I've said it before on another thread but I think for them it was a similar feeling to us graduating school. You're excited because you are finally done and a chapter of your life is finished. You are also sad for those same reasons. So those same emotions were probably going through Emma, Dan and Rupert. It was amazing to see the end and hear cut.
  13. I wish this forum had a like button right now Now that I think about it and listen to it again. I am starting to notice a small difference in her accent.
  14. I'm not catholic I'm prodestent but I've been giving things up for lent since middle school. I don't do it as a religious obligation but I do it because I want to. This year I gave up my cell phone. It's very difficult since the only way I can talk to my friends now outside of inperson is through facebook. I find that now I spend a lot more time doing more important things then texting. I feel that there is a lot of things in our lives as believers in Christ that we dont realize take up a lot of time, resources and energy (Texting, smoking, drinking caffine, watching tv, ect.) and lent is a ti
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