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  1. Well I live in Croatia. When you start primary school (around 6-7 years old) you learn english. In higher grades of primary school you start with German (so its now english+german). In high school you continue with those two and add Latin (and if you go to classical grammar school like me and ancient Greek too :D ). So english+german+latin+ancient greek.


    But most high school offer additional foreign language like Spanish, Italian, French, Russian if you like :D

  2. For me its campus ;) I love sitting on lecture (even though sometimes they're boring :D ), I love coffe from machine (even though it yucky sometimes), I love sitting on stairs and talking to my collge mates while waiting for lecture to start. Those little things are plus.


    Online college is good if you have a job so you don't have time to sit all day on a lecture or you don't have money for tuition.


    But you will never experience things which students have to go through (example : camping in front of professor cabinet cause you don't when he will come to college, vocal exam on parking 'cause professor is going on field trip , "hunting" older students on campus to ask them if they have some books for an upcoming exam ect.)



    so, yeah, campus all the way :)

  3. I've been there two times.


    First time for Venice Carnival and it was amazing :) Second time we visited it for fun for few days.


    Lovely city, but I really, really hate the smell :/ and pigeons :D

  4. It all depends on drivers :D



    I hate old people driving :D Don't get me wrong, but when I saw 85 years old women with glasses who can barely see over the wheel I was shocked... come on, who gave her license? :(



    Me, for example :D I love fast driving, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad driver ;) Of course that you have to be careful where will you drive at which speed. I live in a small town with bunch of kids running around the streets and of course that I'm not driving fast there.

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