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  1. That and the only username from the time I was on the forums that I really remember was "Enigma" just because I always thought that name was so flippin' awesome. I remember it was a girl too. And...the user name "Peeves" come to mind... Hm. I can't really think of any other old users.




    everyone remembers the allmighty enigma :D




    anyways, welcome to the forum :D

  2. Yes, there will always be a special place for the old team, but I am looking forward to the new characters and how Torchwood is brought back to life... the last time we saw them, the hub was destroyed, Ianto killed and Jack left Earth leaving Gwen as the sole member of Torchwood.


    I want to know what happens to the hub in Cardiff, wether they rebuild it or whether the series is going to be more like Children of Earth, with the story unfolding in various locations.



    maybe they're gonna be in hub1 - the place where they were hiding in children of the earth which was hub for the torchwood 1 (Ianto said that :/ )

  3. aaa :D you made my day again dazza :D I didn't know theres gonna be a fourth sesason :D can't wait :D



    Only, I'm gonna miss Owen :( and Ianto and Toshiko ). But still, can't wait for the season 4.




    btw I just got yesterday calendar with pictures of John Barrowman :D (yes, I do know that he's gay in a real life :D but I still love him ^.^ )

  4. I really liked their version of Umbrella. Heard some other songs when waiting for a movie to start in a cinema. Pretty nice :)


    I think nobody is excited as I am :D


    they rule ^.^ can't wait for their next album :D

  5. Ever heard of them? :D Probably not, but I would recommend them :D


    They're a German rock and roll band founded in Berlin. They became popular with rock cover versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna and "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry. Main thing is that they are all passionately attracted to the lifestyle of the Golden Fifties, going all the way back to their childhood. Even the videos are black-white :lol:



    They sound like Elvis Presley :D you should give them a shot :D




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