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  1. Oh dear, me singing? Unfortunatly I do remember that.... back in the very early days! :ph34r:


    No wonder everyone left! :P


    very, very early days :P



    oh come on :D I think me and blue chicken were the worst singers :lol:

  2. My display name was temporarily Mr. E on the other forums. But here I am back to my nickname for 12 years now.


    when I saw you with mr.E nickname, I thought Enigma was back :D



    OT : I used to be Tatjana :D:rofl: not very creative :rofl:I didn't like the change of the names when forum kept restarting. but now, fresh start, fresh nickname :D

  3. Hello, my name is Tatjana and I'm an al... no :D let's try it again... Hello, my name is Tatjana and I'm a forum addict ^.^ much better :D



    Anyways, I'm a pretty old member (first registred on EW in 2002) but last I didn't have much free time, so I kinda "forgot" about the forum :D but I'm back :D



    I love HP and LOTR, House MD and The Big Bang Theory. Also, I love music ^.^ it is one of the most important parts of my life =) Old rock and hip-hop are my favourites :D



    I'm currently studying to be a geologist (hope seismologist) and I just bought myself a new hammer :D no, I'm not kidding :D so, be good to me :P:D





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