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  1. Happy birthday Chris! Wish you all the best in life :)

    1. 130671


      Thanks Jia ! Hope you are doing well over there !

  2. Happy Birthay Elena! miss you <3

  3. Arent you going to post the calendars today?

  4. Please update the POTD. Its gone again

  5. Kindly fix the POTD... It helps me alot with the FB page posts :)

  6. Sorry, I forgot to wish you >.< anyway, belated happy birthday.. hope you had a good one :)

    1. 130671


      Hmmm well you get another year older.... :D I'd prefer not to have bdays now :D

  7. Kindly give me some time for the submission of calendars. Probably 3 or 4 hours more..

  8. Happy Birthday sweetie ♥ :) *hugs*

    1. Elena


      thanks jia <3

  9. Hi Dooks.. The 'Teen Choice Awards' link doesn't work. Kindly fix that.

    1. dookdookdook


      Thanks, wordpress messed up the link.

  10. Hey Kimmie.. The Tumblr was inactive for past few days, so I posted a wallpaper :)

  11. Just curious - have you received all 3 calendar entries from me?

    1. dookdookdook


      Yes, I just replied on the last email.

    2. ✿�ỉά✿


      OK, thanks.. I cant access my hotmail account, thats why I asked you.

  12. Happy Birthday Emz... hope you have a wonderful day <3

  13. Thanks for the wish twinny.. :)

    Its strange how I didnt some comments.

  14. Sorry, I didnt see your comment somehow - strange...

    anyway, Thanks for the wish :)

  15. Happy Birthday twinny!;)

    Hope you have a great day!

  16. I've been in site staff since I started the EW.net facebook page, but recently turned green.. Red are forum mods, I'm a site staff member.. :)

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