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  1. Good job, I like the second one best, although the first makes me laugh :P


    I have one as well, but of Harry (and I didn't create it):





    I'd like colour too, though. Maybe I'll change mine soon.


    how did you get your's done and did you ever try finding out if you could get it in color?

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but life just doesn't work like that. Unless you have something that's going to put her in a dangerous position and you know about it. But even in that case you won't be able to talk to her only her agency. There going to think that you're one of those crazy fans that just wants to talk to Emma. I would seriously leave her alone and let her enjoy her privacy.

  3. I'm going to college very soon so I decided to purchase myself a mac!

    Being the crazy Emma Watson fan that I am I decided to give my mac an Emma Watson touch.

    Everyone at my school was telling me it was stupid (jealous) but they know I'm crazy for her.

    I hope you guys like it! I customized it myself! it's a decal

    I know the decal didn't come out that well but it looks amazing in person. (hopefully I can show Emma Watson this one day when I meet her)

    I made two decals but i decided not to put two on my mac because it would look like too any stickers. I wanted it plain and simple.

    Here's the second decal

    Currently contemplating on what to do with the second one.

    Taking suggestions. Tell me what you feel.

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