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  1. These are some of the different English and British words.

    Please add more I know I missed some :) I hope this becomes useful.





    (baby carriage)-pram




    (chopped beef)-mince











    (hood of a car)-bonnet

    (trunk of a car)-boot



    (movie theater)-cinema



    (zip code)-postal code

  2. The requirement is put in place for multiple reasons. The first is to establish that you are familiar enough with the forum and have visited frequently enough to have acquired that familiarity. It's hard to judge that because we can't really tell how frequently you have visited the forum, the only way to measure is through a post count. The second major reason is that we want members who will actively run their forums and make sure they won't die out if there aren't any posts. We expect those in charge of member run forums to generate activity. Not that I'm trying to knock you specifically or anything but having a post count under 100 doesn't show us the activity that we are looking for.


    oh sorry. I thought there would of been like Mods could see how many hours a person visits this site and logs

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