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  1. i agree with u, but they should take care about what messages are giving to young Christians. they satanize movies that shouldn't be and they miss other things that are much more important. i'm not only referring to Christians but Catholic church.
  2. no, it doesn't say anything about J.K. Rowling they just criticize the actors but not, as you've said, the "fountainhead" & thanks for your comment.
  3. LOL!!! ... well I was referring to the values thing. I don't think that being a mercenary is synonym of bad person as well as if you are a millionaire doesn't mean you're honest and kind.. right?
  4. Las week I read an article in a webpage that assures that Emma Watson is hated by Christians. First I thought that she was hated because of personal issues, but as I read I discovered that is her role in HP that makes such controversy. “Angry Christians send her Bibles and believe that HP movies are a work of devilâ€. Am I wrong or Christians are exaggerating about this? In my opinion one’s job doesn’t determine the kind of person you are.
  5. thanks and i agree with you. maybe nowadays it would be much more interesting asking her about her future and maybe what exact plans does she have. I've heard that she wants to continue studying and i admire her for that because maybe many other actresses may just relax and make their own brands and products but without studying or even knowing much about what they want. Emma is admirable because of her courage to make things and try new things.
  6. I think we've all once dreamt about meeting Emma. Well if that came true, what would you ask her? (one or more questions are available) I would ask her: What's the most exciting thing you've ever done?
  7. thaks for your comment peter!! i think you made a greater point than me !
  8. We all have seen Watson’s new haircut, but did you know that Mia Farrow inspired her? Mia Farrow is a super talented woman that has made about 18 movies; all of them have been controversial. Even though she’s now ambassador of UNICEF. However, Emma has made great impact in media and fans with her new “pixie†style. She looks great and I bet no one has criticized her negatively because of her great personality. The Spanish newspaper called "La Razón" assures that “Emma Watson has become in the new teen symbol in the British islands.†I think she's a great example of how old f
  9. I've seen her new video wishing merry christmas to all of us and she's simply amazing. i love her short but bottom hearted message watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdW9evwtKsU
  10. I really liked her new look. but i think she did it because she wants people to get over her character of Hermione and start again as Emma Watson. I know many people knows who she is because of her personality and beauty, but in an actress life it's important to make some differences between the past and present.
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