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  1. The other day I lost my tree, so I nailed a picture of it to a dog

    1. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      You may like to try all the town's dogs Tom. More coverage will allow you a better chance of finding your tree. Good Luck! =)

  2. There are 2 kinds of people in the world - people who readily accept categorisation and people who, ironically, end up in the other category

  3. I've watched it, but now out of choice. It'l alright I guess, espcially if you like a guy with big ears

    1. Tomâ„¢


      *not out of choice

    2. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      I had never heard of it but they were promoting it on a PBS (Public Broadcast Station) here the other day so I was curious about the show and your opinion. Thanks Tom.

    3. Tomâ„¢


      *Especially......... lol



      You're welcome :P

  4. Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

  5. Happy new year too!

  6. What would happen? Discuss...

    1. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Why Discuss? I think I've already said it all.

  7. UK Government, save us lots of tedious scrolling by rebranding as "aaaUnited Kingdom"

  8. I'll never understand why Mario still plays golf and rides go-karts with the guy who violently kidnaps his girlfriend all the time.

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      LOL So true haha

    2. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      And not why he does the same with a talking mushroom and a giant monkey? =O

  9. How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A fish.

  10. "Rivers are full of fish, the sky is full of birds, and adverts are full of bastards"

  11. "No one goes for a piss in Star Wars"

  12. "Its weird this flag, I mean why do people give a damn about – particularly the Americans give a massive shit about people burning their flag, I just don’t understand cause essentially, it’s not their flag, you know, if you burn a flag, it’s a flag you’ve bought. It’s your flag. “I burned your flag.†“No, you burned your own flag.†"

  13. Fish don't blink. Which is the main eye defence. If you're ever trying to get the eye out of a fish and it blinks... it may be a lion

  14. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get a notification! I'm good, you?

    1. Nina


      It's alright :) I'm good and you ? Holidays finished ?

  15. When do we start voting each other off?

  16. If con is the opposite of pro, is congress the opposite of progress?

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!


  19. "If there was a God, he'd want us to be better spirited than to take his word for everything"

  20. "Try and think of a really big number"... "Seventeen"

  21. Throwing a Hedgehog at a Dartboard gives you score 4000

    1. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      That and a bloody hand. :o

  22. Some of you are really smart. You know who you are. Some of you are really thick. Unfortunately, you don't know who you are.

  23. Common sense is not a gift. It's a punishment, because you have to deal with everyone else that doesn't have it.

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