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  1. i should print a list of all her details and take it to the movies with me -- its good though it means that i get to notice something new everytime i go see the film hehe I watched DH today with my parents and my dad said to me 'so...does Ron fancy Hermione then?' hahhaa
  2. hmm for some strange reason -- the girls bathroom on the second floor - go into the COS anytime haha but also the gryfindor common room!!
  3. welcome Rose!!! its great to get new people in the thread wooo lets throw you a welcome party kristens attention to detail is out of this worlddddddd. seriously -- i go see the films just to look for the things that she points out in this thread lol!!
  4. Laura

    I Miss

    aw man i'd give anything to go back to when the books were still bein released. highlights of my summer/winter/whenever when i would sit thre for nearly 12 hours in a row just reading and reading ahaha! I miss it too.
  5. welcome to our wonderful home hahaha it awesome here you should stop by the chat again some time
  6. I love this forum, I think its heaps better than the old one, it looks better, theres more features - it runs a lot faster and it hasnt had ANY downtime *touchwood* yeah im pretty much a fan of this one hehe
  7. i must add in coz i couldnt edit my post again the pics are taken from HERE the best r/hr tumblr ive come across i love the picss there so christmassy with our wonderfulllll r/hr HAPPY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  8. My brother showed me this game the other night I was like ermmm its a bit low res? and then he showed me it properly like how you collect stuff to make tools and it was really cool. Love that theres zombies in it haha
  9. Laura


    Let me just grab my wandddddddd. actually im secretly hoping it snows more next week so i can have some extra time at home before i fly back to France
  10. ITS CHRISTMAS EVE just think little Rose and Hugo (4 and 2) will be all excited for father christmas coming tonight!
  11. OMG ITS KRISTENS Birthday!?? im going to post the next chapter tomorrow for your present, Kristen xxx
  12. ^^ like in order of the phoenix when she says 'i dont understand why you dont want to wear it, Ronald' hahaha about his jumper he gets for christmas! funny times. I just got back to ENGLAND! so excited to sleep in my own bed. Terrible drive home tho. a lorry crashed into us ahhh hit the car right into the door where i was sitting! so surprised we didnt die :|
  13. Hermione Little Dave dazza_stoke Deux R_HR_Forever Laura toneofsurprise
  14. haha i noticed that when i saw deathly hallows -- they were like HERM-EE-ON!! i laughed...
  15. omg...some of the comments on that page...people need a smack! 'ron and hermione is sooo fake bella and edwardd!' makes me so angry. the pair of them, KStew and RPatz are sooooo awkward!
  16. Laura


    welcome to the boards
  17. @Kristen ok folks new chapter up at me fic http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6536822/2/
  18. I'm on it my dear -- planned the next 2 chapters while i was in McDonalds yesterday hahah!
  19. I just read on Mugglenet that DH might be released on March 18th (in switzerland) HOW COOL IS THAT? ITS MY BIRTHDAY!
  20. lol kristen im trying to replyto the messageyou sent me on FF.net butthesite wont load!! how irratating!!
  21. au jourd'hui il fait froid, et il y a beaucoup de neige. today its cold, and theres lots of snow
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