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  1. I am just saying this i am closing it for Personal reasons!! i know yall dont hate me i know you guys love me in my heart i know but in my mind! i think different I have some mental issues and stuff I want to work on!!


    and When i do get better and come back and stuff I wanna have a new account ONLY because I can start fresh you know what i mean??

    yeah i know 25,000 post is hard work but it is alright!!



    I mean i want to delete it because i need to do this! I need to try to get my life figure out and stuff I Spend so much time on here this place is like addicting to me lol

    and it is bad for me Mental considering the fact i have ADD which makes it harder


    and i want to get all of my mental issues Straighten out

    But yeah i dont have to close it


    but I "need" to for me!!

    i am not going to spend my time on here hurting people that I love! or that i care about because I HAVE Done that!!

    and when i come back I want that to be gone so i am doing it for me!!


    and i am doing it for others! who had fights with me or that i annoyed or whatever! because I just i feel like a bug-a boo.


    I just want people to know i am not self centered or rude or whatever i may be i know we all got problems and issues


    but mine are getting pretty mental big to the point i am feeling depressed lately and i am trying so hard to stay happy



    I Do love you guys

    I know you guys love me too!!

    dont worry when i come back ill be the better sarah!!

  2. everyone I am closing my account i am not sure if i will be back i will but dont know when

    I Dont want to be the person that everyone hates and has issues with or i dont wanna people think im self centered some of you know i have self es-stem issues im going away to work on it

    I just I need to work on me for a while and i need to just force on me

    and if i ever hurt any of you or made you feel sad or took my anger out of you or did something stuipd

    i am sorry! i am form the bottom of my heart


    I just wanted to let you know that :)

    I loved everyone and cared about everyone i got to talk to..

    when things get better for me!


    but for now

    it is best for me so



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