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  1. Aaaw, thanks! :) It's funny, because "Sterren" means "stars", so my name means "stars" without the N ;). Anyway, I'll go to university in September...looking forward to it, but also very scary! What are you doing now? And what are your hobbies? :)

  2. Away from December 27 - January 2

    1. BoMa


      Enjoy your time and come back safely ^_^

    2. Bright_Star


      Thanks! I had a very nice time :).

  3. Christmas is here! :)

    1. Athena


      I wanted to wish an early Happy Christmas Bright Star.!! ^_^

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong: you were talking about the song "500 Miles" in the Would you do this...-topic, weren't you? :P

  5. First profile comment! :) How are you sweetie? :)

  6. Haha great you like them! I rarely hear of people who do :). It's nice you could choose the colour :).

  7. Haha you're welcome, it's nice to make new friends! :)

  8. Hallo mede-Hollander :)

  9. Hello, I'm sorry for my late reply, I was away till yesterday...but I wish you a very happy new year too :). xx

  10. Hey girl how's life? Long time no seen!

  11. Hey how are you? :) Haven't spoken to you in a while :). xx

  12. Hey Jade, indeed long time no speak! :) I'm fine, just graduated from grammar school, starting following Dutch language & culture at university after the summer...so quite a new life is starting for me :). I'm looking forward to it! And how are you? x

  13. Hey, I believe I never replied to your comment from September 18, sorry! I'm fine, how are you?

  14. Hey, I realised I replied to your last comment (from March) on my own profile...so I'm not sure whether you read it...but how are you? :) xx

  15. Hi dear, how have you been lately? :) xx

  16. Hi dear, I was wondering how you are doing these days :) xx

  17. Hi Madeleine! Thanks for your comment :). My name is Sterre and I'm from the Netherlands. Where are you from? :)

  18. Hmm and how do you feel about the braces? I used to have them too. How long will you be needing them?

    I'm fine, going to the second year of my studies. Summer has been nice though I really love going back to my old routine. What else...still singing, enjoying living on my own...:)

  19. How are you Jade? We should chat a bit, haven't done that in a while, have we? :) Love your posts on DH! :)

  20. I hope I will! I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to the University of Amsterdam :). So not leaving my own city, just loving this place too much.

    I can imagine you're not sure what do...hope you'll find something to enjoy :).

  21. I knew it! :) Love that song!

  22. I love your set ^^

  23. I really want to, yes. Me and my dance partner split a couple of weeks ago, and I really want to look for another dance partner to join competitions after the summer. And also take the regular lessons :). I'm not sure whether I will have time of course, but there's no harm in trying of course :).

  24. I'm fine, first semester is almost over, looking forward to my holiday. I have lectures till December 16, then the next semester starts at the start of February. Only have a few exams in that period, so that's nice :).

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