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  1. It does happen on occasion but I rarely return it haha, I find a way to love it.
  2. 7, only because I'm getting all worked up about getting to the mall before my class haha.
  3. This! Only, it was too big so I had to send it back to exchange it for a smaller size. :/
  4. Alright ladies, spring is here! Woooo. I don't know about you but it's getting me so crazy excited for Summer, especially since all the summer fashions are currently out. So lets talk Spring/Summer fashion! What do you love? What do you hate? What did you buy recently? What do you WANT to buy? What have you seen someone wearing recently?
  5. It's funny, I saw the preview in the theater. My first thought was "this is so much like Twilight" and then "Director of Twilight" pops up and I just totally facepalmed. It's the same "vibe", the same filming techniques, the same body language, the same how the characters converse with each other... and I haven't even SEEN the movie. This is all just picked up from the trailer. TBH it looks terrible. I love the story of Little Red Riding Hood but this movie, from just the previews, completely ruins it for me. Thanks a lot Catherine, don't quit your day job. Little Red Riding Hood isn't abou
  6. This is interesting, I just heard about the Disney College program a few days ago. It's funny, I never really thought about it before but I guess it's not surprising at all that they have one. Very cool! I'd love to learn more about it.
  7. I had a livejournal a long time ago I always liked the set up but I haven't been on it in well too long, years? I'm on tumblr, makes it so much easier for me to blog!
  8. Speaking of leather I'm currently in the market for a "leather" jacket... I'll probably have to wait until the fall or maybe I'll check out ebay... has anyone seen any really cute ones recently? (Not that crazy badass ones, the cute petite girly ones haha)
  9. I guess there is a certain style I like on guys but for the most part I don't care too much, the preppy style and gansta style are NOT my thing... at all. I'm also turned off by gages and earrings. My biggest turn on is usually something along these lines though: I'm also a big fan of boys in v-necks... they make me wanna sin! Jeans and a t-shirt is hella sexy too, with a nice belt that I can just yank on...
  10. I read magazines backwards...
  11. A few recent photos: Spent an afternoon with three of my favorite people last week. We had a picnic in a new spot we had found, right by a little pond. We ate and played and wore Minnie Mouse ears. "Cat" pose, she was obsessed with doing this. This hill proved to be endless fun for us. Definitely on our agenda to come back, for another photo shoot. Oh and of course another picnic. *I know the bandage on the little dude is distracting, but I'm awful at cloning...
  12. ^Love that gif!! Thought this was cute Just needed a reason to bump this thread.
  13. ^ Love the color! But what does the front look like??
  14. So you should all go through the archives of this blog. They have a bunch of posts about book and movie moments between H/Hr and some of them make you go "yes yes yes yes!!!"
  15. ^ They be straight up trippin. Lol, no just kidding. It's cool that they're so loyal to their ship. I mean R/Hr shippers can come on here and give me a thousands reasons why R/Hr are meant to be but I guarantee that I won't ever sway from my OTP. I could probably counter every argument they give me. We're just as loyal to our ship, and we will probably have more success bringing people over to our side than getting people from our side over to theirs. Just my thinking anyway. ANYWHO! I saw this quote on an H/Hr blog and like the author said it just PERFECT for H/Hr. Considering the wa
  16. I agree about the picture, it's not the best one to show off her beauty.
  17. I personally think the epilogue would be more "believable" if they just let Emma's hair be as it is, I mean most women cut their hair short when they have children... would Hermione do that? I don't know but I think Emma could make it work.
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