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    But I also like to read other books, play volleyball, play the flute (beginner) and listen to music.

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  1. I just finished A God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy for school. It was actually quite interesting. Oh My Gosh! I was reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo while I was on my trip to Germany however I did not finish it. But they're coming out with the American version of the film.
  2. mixed.witch

    Songs A-Z

    Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
  3. Starbucks <3 Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans or Puking Pastels?
  4. Good thing she did not kill Ron. However, I am still grieving from Lupin's death, everyone's death actually (except for Voldemort's).
  5. Definitely! So I got the DVD the day after it released here in the U.S. but I refuse to open it yet. I'm still in denial; I don't want to believe the series is over. By the way, great pictures guys. I really like the one of Harry and Snape. It was touching to me when I saw that scene in the movies. *tears*
  6. I do not think Mark Williams was in the first movie. We met him in COS.
  7. I definitely will be buying this when it releases.
  8. Yay! FINALLY! I received my letter! My name is HexHallow155. Add me
  9. I have all the movies and books, two lego sets, a poster boook, The Tales of the Beadle and the Bard book, and a signed poster.
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