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  1. I love What the Hell, it's my ringtone. Sure she's changed but I still like her. Though I didn't like so much product placement on her video. Besides, the rest of the album seems quite different from what the hell. I've only heard snippets but they're different. Can't wait to get it.
  2. All I see is confusion, it seems everyone wanted to help her down the stairs, (theres another guy with glasses that helped her at the end along with Rupert.) Whatever she told her, Emma seems confused. lol
  3. Thank you! It is real! I only desaturated the colors a bit and used a vignette but it is real I thought about infinite space, or something like the space between you and me. Something like that.
  4. I simply love this movie, is really good, I loved the idea of no one lying so the first one who discovers it has indeed a lot of power. But yeah, when I watched it I was like, "um, there's a difference between telling the truth and being brutally frank."
  5. I have a question, with space you mean, is it an open interpretation? Like outer space, or maybe an spacy person, or maybe an spacious closet or something?
  6. Classic Animation? I swear I know all the dialogues of these. Thumbelina Anastasia El Dorado The Prince of Egypt Joseph: King of Dreams (despite both being religious they're really good, and I love musicals)
  7. I am ashamed to say I read them all and I was happy at the moment but when the last book came it sort of all fell on me, it was a short lived obsession. very short lived. It's badly and poorly written, and the movies are also poorly badly done with no good acting. I've watched them because my sister likes it but every movie I come out of the theathre laughing whereas it's not comedy.
  8. Someday Lu, someday we'll do magic It's a Sony 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 And I do the settings myself. I had two photography courses at uni so I learned quite a bit. lol of course ok, well, I haven't do anything really new lately...mmm, these are from last summer I went to the beach.
  9. Thank you, I'll keep all of that in mind This was actually one of my first shoots, but I'll keep all of that in mind I need to get another lens because I don't think I can get the bokeh with the one I have. At least not in full shots, just close ups. I need to figure it out
  10. The link of "The Meeting" isn't working.
  11. Thank you I showed the first one at an exhibition at uni and everyone loved it. aww, why? Thank you though It is amazing, the river is just a couple of blocks away from where I live, though now it looks completly different because of a huracain we had last summer. Thank you
  12. I love photography! And I've been doing it for about two years. I specially love portraits and fashion photography so mostly you'll see that You can find my deviantArt and portfolio site in my signature Shoot 1 - my sister Denisse (February 2009)
  13. I'm no expert on screenwriting but I do love movies so I have a few tips. - I'd sugest you work on your plot, you need to establish a strong suspense plot (crisis or turning-point)Even in a romantic comedy. Film doesn't cope well with the mild suspense plots that work well in plays. - I'd also sugest you make an outline of the story before actually write the screenplay. Focus on where you want to go instead of how and let the characters do that - Also, keep the characters descriptions to you, I mean if you plan to do it and show it don't include them on the final script but rather a bri
  14. Great pictures! You could try using photoshop to add sharpness and contrast on some of them but they're nice
  15. Niice pictures! I love the sunset! Nice colors! It's called Depth of Field or DOF You can control it with the aperture or F/number.
  16. I specially love fashion photography and portraits so I'd love to travel to some big cities and photograph street fashion and city life.
  17. It's just sad, and then they blame this completely on the parents, I mean yes, the parents obviously have responsability on bringin up their childs but you know, she's 18, she should be smart enough to know the difference of what's good and bad for her especially if you're in the public eye. And you know if you need help then ask for it there's nothing wrong on that, at least that other disney actress Demi Lovato recognized needed help and asked for it.
  18. If for any reason they don't show Ginny but anyone else, I'd much rather they show Ron. He's his mate, his brother. And if they show a montage (instead of a single thought as in the book) I hope they close/finish it with Ginny looking at him, with her "blazing look".
  19. Wearing this today..prrr, I love the fall.
  20. I would've loved if they showed that, maybe even just before he saw the sliver doe, you know, just to show people that he still thinks of her. And totally agree, he should've acknoledge her when Ron mentioned it, just like the book. With the dance scene, I actually rather liked it. And while I agree with many that think it was a cute brotherly/siterly scene, I believe it also kind of shows that remote possibility that they could be together if it wasn't for Ron and Ginny, and I don't mean it like they are the bad people of the movie You know, you kind of see that when they stop, Hermione's
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