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  1. ty ty tyyyy and yes it was a wonderful day!

  2. =O i thought you're older than me =O

  3. naaaah suuucks, we have a bit of snow and no coldness sucks! =O I couldnt go shopping today as I planned you can't stay outside for longer than 20 mins, you'll freeze. And yeah they close schools if it's -30, but they don't close unis and college, b/c students are adult, they can handle it =(

  4. Come here :P it's -22C here :P ice

  5. I'm Yulia ^^

    Hmm well I love dancing, singing, english, actually I study foreign lang's, everything about them, I love it, I hate math, hate when ppl say they're bored and so on, I don't rly know o.o

  6. and awww wnat some snow? :P

  7. all melted and water's everywhere, I don't know how I'll go to college tomorrow, they say it's gonna be -10, then it's pure ICE! O.O

  8. I'm fine xD I went out with a friend and they ofc were like "how about cinema" so we went there and ofc it was HP, I was quite bored to see it for the 3-d time but ppl in the theatre were such pervs, haha they'd make everything look pervy, they commented stuff and laughed, it wasn't annoying tho, I wanted some fun o.o aaaand omgg we had lots of snow today but now it's al...

  9. Straighten your haaair, it must look sexy with such color =O and show me xD

  10. What would you like to know?

  11. it's pretty hard for my voice tho.

  12. awww it's sweet, your voice is sweet, the song is sweet and so so sweet! =O xD

  13. What do I do? I study lol.

  14. i know

    i'm from Russia

  15. Dude idk I have no idea what to do on my b-day, sometimes I feel sad b/c the year passed so fast and I'm so old O.O (ye ye I am haha) time flies omg I'm 17! 17!! not far from 20! when I was 6 I couldn't even imagine that one day I'll be 15

  16. Ye ye :P :P

    dudeee, they have a party at my ex school and I wanna go but I just came back from college and it's already started >.< and my friends call meeee, but I'd have to wash my hair, do sth with them, eat, think about what to wear not to mention make up! =O =( >.>

  17. anddd btw I need some nice beautiful pretty long english love poem which I'll present on a concert, any ideas? I have to choose sth till dec. and I'll have to translate it into russian grr -.-

  18. I remembered, Franceee xD

    but american still was the best xD he saw us and he was like "ohh so many russian girls love english, good, good" xD german guy looked pretty shy and could hardly talk, he talked and the girl behind me shouted "faster! we wanna go home" lol epic xD

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