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  1. Aaaaaaa it's getting more and more tricked! I don't want to believe that Ezra is A but logically, all things lead to him and in the last episode Aria looked rly suspicious, so it looks like they work together, besides she lied to girls and was hiding things and in the prev. episode there was a cellar, so seems like Ezra could jump under when Emily and Hannah arrived to help the girls!

  2. Girls, I found a rly awesome fashion site 3botinka.com, where you can create your own outfits from maaaany examples of clothing, accessories and stuff of different brends from all over the net. Or you can take pictures of your own wardrobe and organise your clothes and create different outfits, it has a calendar and weather. Rly interesting too! haha but a thought of taking pics of clothes is kinda painful.



  3. my psn is on my sig, add me if you want n we can terrorise ppl on GTA V haha

    man I feel old haha but I have no idea what to do there, I remember those great times when GTA was on CD. Is it free?

  4. It's that magical time of the year when we begin to make conclusions, to look over what we've done and what we have reached, make new goals, plan and create new wishes, hopes, write lists of resolutions. Look at your list you made last year, what did you reach?

    I'm happy that I managed to put "done" next to at least 3 things in my list.

    So, what have you reached in 2013 that you wanted and what are your resolutions for the coming year?

    So my habits I MUST develop in 2014 are:

    - Beauty procedures 3 times a week
    - Hair treatment and nails, feet routine every sunday
    - eat well according to the plan, less GMO and bad food.

    - drink a lot of water

    - sleep at 10pm

    - clean on saturdays

    - ventilate the room before sleeping

    - do morning and night exercises
    - take a special like chocolate or sth bath every saturday
    - do eye exercises every morning and night
    - do breast exercises
    - do german 30 minutes a day

    - do anti-negative exercises every sunday and meditate

    - plan every day

    - work out 3 times a week according to the plan

    - be thankful

    - wake up with good thoughts


    and ofc less stress, more happines and joy, because we deserve it.

  5. Been dreaming about this dream for about 3-4 straight nights. I was in a room with guys and girls, and they are all looking at me. I walked towards at the back and then I saw this guy siting on an arm chair talking to a girl. And then he looked at me, stood up then kissed me. I even don't know who the guy is, and I haven't seen him in work or in my street. After he kissed me he always lead me to a car, and when I'm already inside He will leave and I will shout for him, but I dont hear my voice. I don't know him in person, but in my dream i know that I don't want him to leave me.






    So that's it :P


    whoa maybe future? :P


    I don't remember what I dreamt about, I only remember that I was buying a plane ticket.

  6. even though both are pretty far away, i want an ipad. i don't really need it lol but still i want it haha tongue.gif

    My birthdaaaay soon and only then would I think about the New Year :P (omg again new year :( )


    My parents want to get me that and I have no idea why would I need it when I already have a smartphone with the same functions. Only that the screen is bigger? or another battery to discharge? haha. I don't rly know but I wouldn't mind if they gift me one, but I might use it when my Android battery dies (which dies fast! if you have one, you know) or I would use it for work. Cause I need office very often.


    But as for myyyy wishes, lol they are quite mental...:


    - I want a big boquet of red roses from a guy friend I met this year. And I want him to invite me on a dinner in some nice restaurant. And I'd like sth like.. ugh idk, jewellery? what can a guy give a girl.

    - I want a special day, b/c it's an anniversary I want a lot of surprises, friends and family near, I want to cry from happiness on my birthday. I want to be amazed at how great my friends are and what they do for me!


    The things we want but can't possibly receive? :P well I want a limo to come to my house and my girls jumping out "Happy 20-th!!!" and us all together driving to someee hmmm party with male strip show included? hahaha :P


    As for the real important wishes:

    - I want all my broken, damaged, somehow lost relationships with people important to me get fully healed without any regrets any hurt or offence. I want to start from the brand new start.

    - The gift that would rly put me in the 7-th sky is a ticket to Germany or money for it or my aunt saying: "yes! we will go to Germany for a month in january!" I'm not able to describe the happiness I would feel if it happens. I expect it on the New Year Eve.




  7. Till the last minute I thought of a doll but then I dressed up and realised that I look more like a queen of hearts, so I went like that lol.

    There were dementors at the party, look how cool those are! They were rly tall


  8.  Even if there are members of the forum I CANNOT stand. I love the forum. In life, you have to do what you want to do. Therefore, if you want to leave, just sign out, but never cancel the account. You may have a change of mind. OR heart.

    Agreed with Elena. There are always people who will dislike you, who will judge you, who will put you down, we're not a dollar to be liked by everyone. But are you here to satisfy others? If somebody dislikes you, then it's their own problems, it's only their loss that they don't see the greatness in you. It's hard when people don't accept you but we must do what we want to do no matter what anyone says, feels about you. Despite that, there will always be people who care about you, like us..


    It's not a reason to leave, it never is. But best of luck and stay well. :)

  9. Alright, finally watched the translated version! such a long break rly made me forget what happened in the prev. episodes.

    Sth we could never suppose is that Ezra had a twin! and Alison prolly doesn't know that Ezra has a twin, and now the girls guess that sth is wrong with Ezra.  Omg when they saw Ali, aaaa!!!! The episode tickled my nerves.


    Why do they have to postpone it until Jan why are they doing this to usssssssss? Ugh.



  10. Sharapova

    for the 1st name?


    A lot of names I'd like to name a girl:

    Emma (oh yes HP), Svetlana (it's connected with my teacher who had a huge influence on me and what I am now), Julianna (I always wanted to be named so lol), Megan, Melanie, Elizabeth, there are a lot of names I can't remember now.


    With a boy it would be easier: Richard.

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