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  1. WHOOHOO!! Brusselss!!! I'm totally not excited or anything..
  2. Hmm i have no idea.. I'm from Belgium, and we're gonna take the Eurostar.. You should look it up if there's a train for you
  3. Yeah i think the best way to go is by plane.. Or you can take the Eurostar from Brussels, if it's easy for you to get there.. Don't know in which part you live..
  4. And i'm taking 2 friends aswell, they are not on the forums though Annelies & Jordy.
  5. Haha, great! Looking forward to taste them And sure! Won't forget my umbrella ^^
  6. Yeah, good thing it exists! Haha yeah, but we might look geeky then though Great! I'm hungry aaaallll the time lol.
  7. Belgium is not that far from London, just 2,5 hours away with the Eurostar I think it's gonna be great! Very excited haha!
  8. Count me in! Used to come to these forums all the time around 2007. Aaaand i'm back! lol. I'll be attending with the great famous C'NB ^^
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