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  1. I'm officialy Rainglow 29 Glad they sent my email quick too!
  2. Anyone up and waiting for the second clue? I'm so tired I barely got 4 hours of sleeping filled with nightmares about the second clue that's how bad I want it! But I know in the end I won't get in because my luck is always bad
  3. I've just came back from watching the movie and it was amazing and fantactic by all means they couldn't have done it better, I think us fans had a proper goodbye to Harry Potter
  4. Lol of course we don't need any love potion Imperio on Kimmie to make her tap dance!
  5. So I was on twitter the other day and saw few people playing this game so I thought I'd share it with you guys So it's simple you either cast an Avada Kedavra, Imperio curse or give a love potion to the person above you! Also you could get creative if you want with the Imperio curse making them do stuff you want and with the love potion you could set them up with other people! Like Filtch! lol As for Avada Kedavra of course there isn't any chance to do anything with it except for immediate kill! Hope I explained well. Have fun!
  6. I just saw it!! Nothing really new in it and I kinda expected more but I did enjoy it! The kids were awesome!
  7. It's my beautifulmostwonderfulamazing neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan's birthday woooohooooo Happy Birthday hun! hope you have a wonderful birthday and an awesome new year in your life :3m_sie: :3m_sie:
  8. Ohhh I miss this thread For the first time in my pants
  9. Happy Birthday Tom hope you're having a really nice birthday
  10. Well the longest flight I've ever been in was 14 hours to washington that was ALOT, my little neice kept me busy though >.< But in general I love flying except the ear pressure part! and I don't know why but I love the meals they serve it's always good Also I love traveling by car if there was good company with you
  11. This is an awesome topic how come I just saw it! - Finished reading "Can you keep a secret?" - Got complimented from my professor that I don't have a single absence from his classes (bear in mind I was going to skip his class today Umm yeah that's it, I'm just starting my day >.<
  12. Nooooooooooooooooodles! I'm so craving for them in an insane way! I haven't ate any in ages
  13. pretty bored, waiting for my sister in law to finish dinner
  14. Mrs.Pumpkinhead

    I Hate

    I hate being mad.
  15. feel like spamming abit since I haven't been in the games room in ages
  16. They're awesome, I love them! thanks Jade I love your set btw
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