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  1. Will

    Thank you. But no! My bd is tomorrow here, and I refuse to become older! I want to keep myself young as long as I can. Hahaha Nah, thank you ~

  2. It's a japanese novel and it's about school-children who are forced to fight each other to the death. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Royale#Plot). I watched Hunger Games just because it's similar to Battle Royal.

  3. I guess so, but still it's not my kind of movie. Have you read / watch Battle Royal?

  4. Peeta and Katniss. Their relationship was developed too fast in the movie.

    I've not read the book.

  5. My life is a cycle: Being boring in college and being bored at home; that's it (it sounds kind of sad haha). But well, it's my fault xD

    Your set looks cool, I watched Hunger Games last week, it was ok. I didn't like the relationship between Katniss and the other guy D;

  6. Yeah! I've been kind of busy. Glad you're doing well! What have you been to? I like your profile pic by the way. ;B

  7. Hey! How are you?

  8. Hey Lindy, how are you? ;D

  9. : Somebody once said my heart is empty, but that's totally wrong, my heart is full of blood.

    1. Hogwarts Lover

      Hogwarts Lover

      lol :D It should be full of love! ;)

  10. My thoughts are the same: there's not a single song that I don't like. However, I particularly like Clock, Paradise and In My Place.

  11. Indeed. Every song they've made is totally amazing! What's your fav. song?

  12. I like your mood, and your location. It makes my teardrops like a waterfall.

  13. Science and Technology Forum. And thanks ;D

  14. Number 100! ;B

  15. lol I know! How cool

  16. Will

    Oh, then tu sobrino is ok ;D Nah kidding, how old is him?

    So, carrot + cucumber = watermelon? I just drank watermelon juice by the way hehe

  17. Will

    Tu sobrino is playing Super Mario??! ;O Take it away from him! Why is there watermelon in your profile pic? ;B

  18. Will

    ¡Hola! ;P I'm fine, just wandering at home. How about you? What's up with you?

  19. *Punchs Tom* *Critical hit* 90points x 10²

  20. is posting here for third time.

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    2. Kim.


      ROFL! ^

      My twin is a trip ;D looool.

    3. Mia


      Mia is replying here for the 1st time.lol

    4. Hogwarts Lover

      Hogwarts Lover

      But it's my first time! :)

  21. is posting here for second time.

    1. Dr.Pepper


      And I'm posting for a fourth time. :D

  22. is posting here for first time.

  23. Will

    I see. Sorry I can't give you an advice. I've never felt depressed myself, so I can't feel empathy about that situation. But I know pretending to be happy is not always good. So, sorry for I can't help you too much D;

  24. Will

    Oh No problem and thank for asking. And yes, I'm kind of lonely, but in the good way xP

    By the way, I hope your depression problem finds its end

  25. Will

    Hey. I don't actually like that about E-Family, sorry D;

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