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  1. If someone asks, "Are you okay?" you respond with:
    La la la, Youhna

    What would best describe your personality?
    Sombras (Shadows), Zoe

    What do you like best about the opposite gender?
    Tick Tack, UKiss

    How do you feel today?
    Can't Hold Us, Macklemore

    What is your life's purpose?
    Someday, Youhna

    What is your motto?
    Skin to Bone, Linkin Park

    What do your friends like about you?
    Holy Grail, Justin Timberlake

    What do you think of your parents?
    Touch, Youhna

    What do you think about often?
    Soñé (I dreamt), Zoe

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Magnificense, U2

    What do you think of your best friend?
    Pts.Of.Athrty, Linkin Park

    What do you see when you see your crush/the person you like?
    Twinkle, TaeTiSeo

    What do your parents think about you?
    Take 5, Utada Hikaru

    What song will you dance to at your wedding?
    My<Dsmbr, Linkin Park

    What will they play at your funeral?
    No Limit, Youhna

    What is your hobby/interest?
    Nobody's Listening, Linkin Park

    What is your biggest fear?
    Nisemono (Fake), Ikimono Gakari

    What is your biggest secret?

    Fireworks, Youhna

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