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  1. omgsh the lucky rabbits foot is my fav too!!! "omg did you see that shot?! I'm amazing!....I'm Batman!" hhahahahah! i also love the episode where Dean gets the ghost disease and he's scared of everything! HAHAHA. OMG i love that show so much <3 and yes i've seen all the episodes MANY MANY Times.
  2. def one of my favs! i can watch that over and over!! me too!! i mean seriously...why are they not married yet? thanks
  3. here's my room after i cleaned it: you can't see all my HP stuff in that picture though so here's a pic from my webcam: can't really see it boo. whatever. that's not even all of it anyways,
  4. i enjoyed her tweets that girl is adorable!
  5. well apparently Evanna wrote a letter to JK Rowling saying she had anorexia and that she really wanted to play Luna and Jo said that that would be lovely but she'd have to get better first. and that's what motivated Evanna to get better.
  6. AMAZING new emma wallpaper!!
  7. hahahaahha every time i see this i can't help but laugh!!! SO FUNNY! what is she doing?!?!?! and Rupert's face is...hilarious! hahah
  8. oh my. i love Gilbert Grape <3 def one of my favorites!! "i could go at any time!!"
  9. every time i read or see DH i'm like "UHHH I WANNA READ THAT FREAKING BOOK!!!!"
  10. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    gosh you're so talented!! i love all the new stuff <3
  11. i would REALLY love to read "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore"!! i think she should seriously write that.
  12. hahha at the dancing one! love the PS ones <3
  13. thank you guys 3 JoJo icons:
  14. thanks! i'm glad i finally found out about it
  15. hahaha OMGSH i LOVE that soup video i can watch that over and over forever!
  16. i hope she goes for a more elegant sexy then a miley cyrus or britney spears kind of sexy
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