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  1. every time i read or see DH i'm like "UHHH I WANNA READ THAT FREAKING BOOK!!!!"
  2. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    gosh you're so talented!! i love all the new stuff <3
  3. i would REALLY love to read "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore"!! i think she should seriously write that.
  4. hahha at the dancing one! love the PS ones <3
  5. thank you guys 3 JoJo icons:
  6. thanks! i'm glad i finally found out about it
  7. hahaha OMGSH i LOVE that soup video i can watch that over and over forever!
  8. i hope she goes for a more elegant sexy then a miley cyrus or britney spears kind of sexy
  9. Ashley


    freaking love flyleaf <333 someone at my church said i remind them of Lacey. BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!! haha
  10. i love love love loveeeee supernatural <3333 getting seasons 1-3 for Christmas and i think season 4 too!
  11. i'm just going to have to say that I LOVE LEO!!!!!!!!!!! LEO FOREVER!!! haha
  12. love Jo!! it still amazes me that she was able to create this world that we all love so much
  13. omgsh little bonnie! haha so cute!! love bonnie. she's gorgeous, but i'm not sure i like her much as Ginny :/
  14. evanna is like my favorite cast member! (beside's emma!) also, did you hear that she suffered from an eating disorder? so sad
  15. like i said in the old forum, LOVE this photo <3 Redheads for life <3 haha
  16. haha i love GIFs so much <333
  17. this is where i'll post my newest graphics! as of right now, i have none but i'll post my newest ones as soon as i make them!
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