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  1. Time passes quickly....I can only imagine (and hope the best for) all the things you have been doing :P

  2. Chat is deactivated :(

  3. Happy Birthday ! Half your life is over lol :)

    1. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Ha ha. 80 years? I'll take that. Thanks Chris! Funny how fast 40 years go by. >.<

  4. Emmy I hope you are well *hug*

  5. Hey long time no see ! Hope you are well ! :)

    1. ✿�ỉά✿


      Hey Chris! I'm good. How are you? :)

      I'm a bit busy with my job these days.

    2. 130671


      Well I guess thats a good thing to hear. What ARE you actually doing these days ? It feels like an eternity since we knew a bit about what was going on with some of the other members here...

  6. looks like no chat again tonight :(

  7. New season of vikings started today ! :P

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      Hey Chris i'm so glad for you! Unfortunately my laptop has gone crazy for 2 weeks now and it is ready to go off anytime so I cant come and chat with you. I need to sort that out... xxx i'll try tonight to come see you

  8. Chat room won't let me in !

  9. Hope you survived the first week ! *hug*

  10. Hey Szalka sorry but we had to go since it was really too late ! Hope you don't mind ! cya ! :)

  11. I hope work on your essay is going according to plan :) *hug*

  12. Long time no see. Welcome back :)

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    2. 130671


      Yeah when I came in it looked like someone had taken over the place :)

    3. Jade


      That's be me ruling the dance floor XD

    4. 130671


      Lol funny you should say that...when I saw the new pics of you, esp the first one, I thought "Huh, Katy Perry?" (hope you don't mind the comparison, I'm not an expert on the matter :D )

  13. You may want to fill in some blank spaces in your profile...helps ppl to get a better idea of what they are dealing with.

  14. I'm so dead o_O

  15. Hey welcome back!

  16. What's done is done Emma. Enjoy a good nights sleep with no exams on the horizon. :P

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      Exactly, it was amazing to be able to sleep so long ;)

  17. Hope the first day wasn't too bad *hug*

  18. :P Vikings rule lol...I want to see if he manages to make the journey west...
    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      IKR it's cool as hell :D I'm so glad you like it we'll be able to talk about it together now haha! I can't rem if the pilot was as good a the rest but I can tell that if you liked the pilot the rest will be even better ;) come on here tonight I hadn't seen your message I was getting so pissed off because I wanted to know if you liked Vikings or not haha I've been waiting like an idiot


    2. 130671



      Damn it's over...and I wanna know how it will go on! You're right Aslaug kind of sucks, Ragnar looks like he's going a bit crazy, and his brother needs to get his ass kicked!

      Poor Lagertha and poor daughter btw, to just die of a plague...I thought she would also grow up and become important :(

  19. Sorry i don't know what happened there. Maybe i desynched somehow. I thought I was writing things you could read but you never answered, then I refreshed the page and I was suddenly alone. I saw you online but then you were gone. :(

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      That's cause you were gone, i think you were kicked out somehow but the chat didn't say it to you so you couldn't know but it's ok i went to bed earlier at least :)

    2. 130671


      I should refresh more often then...

  20. Hey Elena where is your profile pic from? I want that one in like really large if possible... :P

    1. Elena


      sure, I'll post it in my topic for ya it's easier to find.

    2. Elena


      On page 20

  21. Happy (early) new year Elena ! Hope you have been doing well !

    1. Elena


      I have a cold! WHOOPSIE DAISYYYY! But yeah I'm okay. Happy new year!

  22. Happy new year Nina ! (rawr!) :)

    1. Nina


      Thank you very much Chris ! Have a happy new year as well, though I'm late :P

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