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  1. I am in shape. Round IS a shape. lol
  2. Awesome! Quite true...lol.
  3. Johnnie Walker Black Label and Hot&Spicy Chips
  4. Lol man! You're right, it's a good pic !
  5. Well I guess there's really no way to write at length about ppl doing it without it sounding either plain&graphic or romantically overdone.
  6. Which would make it some run-of-the-mill-wannabee-provocative-movie....if emma wants to parade around in front of the camera in various states of undress, I'm sure she can get script writers for future "serious" movies alter her role accordingly...I mean if it makes sense in the movie context, we're not going to complain about emma in the shower with lots of soap & hot water... can't believe I just said that....
  7. Ouch!!! Come on Jonny, this is not the place for a "Who-has-the-weirdest-reasons-for-liking-Emma" competition...which I'm not sure you would win anyway. And now, for something completely different... ....why would ANY respectable actress be a part of something like 50 shades of grey? I mean seriously, what could you possibly gain from being part of that? If its just about one grown-up woman discovering her like for SM-stuff.....wow....so exciting ...maybe it's a good book for summer holidays, but a movie? Nah...
  8. 130671


    Lol Well who would have thought on a site like this...
  9. Not a whole lot of makeup there it seems. And no real posing for the picture. Sometimes those are the best if you take your time looking at them.
  10. Looking outside at the clouds which are here early it seems
  11. You would think that someone like James Franco knows better than to behave that stupidly if he wanted to get to know her better. I mean if I was drunk but still capable of doing filming, I would know better.
  12. well the original is still best but hey....i could live with any of the others too The Slytherin one doesn't look unsettling, she is a lil bland!
  13. You before work? Well your coworkers are better off than me, that's certain.... ... must...remember...not to look...into jade's mesmerizing eyes...
  14. Graduation??? You two look nice but far too young to graduate from anything...lol...or maybe that's just me ....well congrats anyway...
  15. Hey no one said anything about tongue lol!
  16. I can tell u it's a really big hill and a loooong way down....
  17. I was talking more or less about ur bike showing some of the things ur interested in doing in ur spare time.... ...but I can't see anything wrong with ur body either!
  18. This is kinda nice. Shows that ppl are more than just a face we see sometimes.
  19. 130671

    A R T

    Well done Donna!
  20. LOL you might try on some skinny leggings like she has too btw.....
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