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  1. Don't have any. Thought about getting one or two for some years now, but since I'm a wussy...well...
  2. ^ Maybe it's just the angle of the pic....or maybe someone is growing up fast!
  3. Ok...so you must be what wikipedia calls 2.5% others
  4. LOL scandal? Well my official opinion is....get him to Jordan and be done with it....no one will remember it a month later. My inofficial opinion....get him on a RAF plane, throw him out over the mediterrenean, and tell ppl he tried to escape with a parachute but grabbed the mechanics' backpack instead....
  5. Open a conversation by saying "You were sooo awesome in Twilight....!"
  6. Hey there! I don't think we saw a Russian from Uzbekistan before ! Lol Chris u don't look too happy....I remember some talk about who should be school nurse over at ur place but ur face tells me nothing has changed yet .... aww come on Matt...stop sucking in ur stomach and puffing out ur chest and looking like some videogame bad guy...
  7. LOL You must be the guy in the center? the one who looks like "man, I have no idea whats going on with all these ppl here...?"
  8. I def want this one too
  9. Guess I shouldn't be surprised even tho this is an EW site.
  10. Pffff....Radcliffe........don't waste all of that on him ..... Hey Ashley , good to see you ! Hope you're doing well so far !
  11. practically got my payrise today...too little to live, too little to die....did I really care?...no...at some point it all makes you feel so worn out... I look at her and feel so tired
  12. Wow, I think she would have chosen a different top to wear with that jacket....but I'm not complaining even tho that's obviously not "her"....
  13. Yes (if I was *** and about to take part in a Christopher Street Day Parade) lol now I'll leave u alone again
  14. Lol someone has seen too much StarWars. Hayden Christensen is not a bad idea though. And I can do a credible beast...
  15. Oh no lol....Jer that's too 80's....
  16. lol donna i've wanted a for obvious reasons but so far no luck.....
  17. Surfing, drinking cawfee and thinking about breakfast
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