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  1. You people always seem selfish, impatient and demanding - and with no good reason. I hope Emma Watson stays clear of your part of the world as much as possible.
  2. I guess she would rather keep her eyes on the bigger picture and leave this sort of thing to the local police.
  3. Short and not as personal as she would have liked I bet
  4. 130671

    I wonder

    probably just like most famous actors do. Interaction with the public is good as long as there is not too much of it.
  5. Tell us if you were successful !
  6. Me too. One has to have some pretty big issues of sorts to join a site like this and just rant on and on about a gynocentric world conspiracy ....
  7. Your utopian dream world where humans (and maybe predominantly men) deny their basic nature to strive for ideals most will feel no connection to is just that - a dream. A dream for a small minority. Because the world you find so horrible right now is a world mostly made by men, for men. Men are expected to do things beyond anything women are expected to do, true, military service taking the top spot there, but they also reap the rewards for that, at least in large parts of the world. That that is no longer as obvious in western countries as it is in many others does not mean the mechanism behi
  8. "Women are still protected from the dangers of combat roles (still the case in the US, and in almost all other countries), and this constitutes sexism against men, not women." Yeah right, male soldiers, who where until now only concerned about gender discrimination in combat and little else, will finally feel a lot better and much less discriminated against when they see Private Jenny get shredded by machingun fire right next to them. Finally some equality ! Countering percieved sexism against male soldiers with "positive" sexism against female soldiers, meaning mandatory frontline service s
  9. Indeed. Somewhere, someone has the full size original.
  10. Maybe thats because its a big red blob in a very fair-skinned face ? I can't believe no one ever told her to try lighter and less contrasting lipstick colors to draw attention up towards her eyes....
  11. @ Philip Blay " are enslaved in a multitude of military services, while women continue to live their lives, free: can you imagine the injustice felt by these men, when they hear that women are oppressed in a world of privileged men?" Yeah right...somehow I get the feeling you are mixing up the situation of males and females from all over the world to be even able to make your point. And your repeatedly displayed obsession with "unjustly enforced" military service for males makes me want to ask you how old you are. I'm guessing here, but if you are afraid to be called up and end up as somet
  12. I'm sure I'm totally missing something here. Emma Watson is a hypocrite for speaking out for womens/girls rights while forgetting to do the same for men/boys ? Instead of asking "Where is Daniel Radcliffe doing for men and boys what Emma does for girls?" , all the blame is laid on Emma Watson for not taking care of all problems at the same time ? Really ? A lot would be won already for a lot of women if they could somehow manage to be just subject to the same sort of discrimination and violence that men usually are. Guys like this Philip Blay make me sick, trying to find something, anythin
  13. ^ I hope we will see her do a full-fledged action role one day.
  14. I'm sure we all had some sort of list at various ages - and we can all be glad most of us think twice about some of those things later on Why be a princess if you can have all the good things without being a public possession for life ?
  15. Lol I can top that, I meet requirements 1. , 2. , and 8.
  16. You join an EW-Fan-Forum and the first and only thing you do is complain about how your life doesn't work out and supposedly everyone treats "white men" like shit ? That's awesome. I don't know really about that "all men were turned into pussies" thing, maybe some were, and right now I certainly know of one for certain....maybe take another look at your own advice of "Grow up" ? But let's get back to the point...what you really really want is basically Emma Watson standing up for you in the UN Assembly to get you a job at Taco Bell and the right to cry in public while women pretend they don'
  17. Dude, not only are you checking out her past bfs, you even think about who might be next ? You really must love your depression....
  18. 2 types of cheese marinated red peppers peanut butter kitkats bottle of glenfiddich solera
  19. I hope he does before he gets a medical degree himself
  20. ^ Lol getting up now and then might help too
  21. Lol true...she had earned all the money she will ever need at age 17 already more or less. Anyone willing to wager how long it will take for Kenny's "attention" to turn elsewhere ?
  22. I'm sure we would all like her to learn our native language and spend time in our part of the world - but she is doing pretty well for herself just speaking english (plus maybe a little french) and going back and forth between europe and the US for work, don't you think ?
  23. Right now I would answer that with no, no, and no - but who knows what languages she might still decide to learn at some point.
  24. You're asking for permission? Lol then ofc, no way, you are not getting my permission for anything regarding Emma Watson....
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