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  1. where are you?

  2. no one was left

  3. some more profile info would be nice

  4. been there once lol...

    well i guess i gotta take the detailed tour next time :)

  5. Hey Elena I hope it has gotten warmer over there in ur place - it sure has here! I had like 29°C yest evening - inside! Outside it was more like 35°C :/

  6. LOL

    I told you at least once what the numbers meant but you didn't really listen :)

  7. well i hope u remember that in order to talk to me you need to visit the chat or send me a pm......js since its been a month almost lol...

  8. aww where did ur nice new pic go?

  9. Aww I thought you would probably be really busy...it's ok, never mind *hug*

  10. the site said u couldn't get any more personal messages..that kinda sucks!

  11. awwww NOOOOOOOOOO....!

  12. many liked it lol

  13. haha ok just go on....the general theme was quite ok :)

  14. i haven't been up to much either...but i hope you have been getting along well with you-know-who

  15. yeah...old-man-who-is-luckier-than-he-deserves...

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