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  1. Sorry if I did sth wrong?....

  2. Happy bday to you, Rashmee ! :) Time flies and it crawls at the same time....

  3. Happy Birthday to you.

  4. I'm kind of selfish so I only see her. More or less.

  5. Hope the first day wasn't too bad *hug*

  6. Hey welcome back!

  7. I'm so dead o_O

  8. You may want to fill in some blank spaces in your profile...helps ppl to get a better idea of what they are dealing with.

  9. I hope work on your essay is going according to plan :) *hug*

  10. Hey Szalka sorry but we had to go since it was really too late ! Hope you don't mind ! cya ! :)

  11. Hope you survived the first week ! *hug*

  12. Chat room won't let me in !

  13. looks like no chat again tonight :(

  14. Emmy I hope you are well *hug*

  15. Chat is deactivated :(

  16. Time passes quickly....I can only imagine (and hope the best for) all the things you have been doing :P

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