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  1. It always strikes me as funny when ppl say "the afghans". There is no "the afghans". There's Pashtuns, Pathans, Tajjiks, Uzbeks, and more....and they do not universally reject the allied invasion. The problem lies mainly with the Pashtuns and Pathans who on the one hand cling to stupid medieval traditions and want to kick out all foreigners....and then on the other hand blame the whole western world for their own poverty, backwardness and poor living standards. They are the main driving force behind the Taleban and everything associated with it. The western forces are not loosing in Afghan
  2. Well it's hard to say anything that doesn't sound somehow hollow and meaningless. But just saying nothing feels wrong too. You have come to a place most people never see. Hope you'll pull through.
  3. Imagining the size of our expanding universe gives you headaches? How about imagining what's actually BEYOND the expanding, forward-moving edge? What is it that our universe expands INTO?
  4. Saw it today..... :ohyeah:It's great!
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  6. The bible and it's stories reflect the morals of the time and more importantly, the place and background where it's authors came from. People should keep that in mind when contemplating what "god" has to say about homosexuality.
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    I don't think that has any truth to it. Would a chinese mountain leopard taste much different than ur neighbour's cat? Probably not...... I've had horse once and it was ok, no kangaroo so far (not that easy to get here)....and I'd like to try snake too.
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    Anything with 2-4 legs is ok for me.....anything with fins or 8 legs from the sea too! Shark steak is fine, btw! Oh and if u can, try pre-digested algae from the stomach of a sea-spider (after cooking)! Not meat, but still good.
  9. Holy c***! Not Saruman.....but that vision of Galadriel with the one ring had me going like "Yeah, that's more like it..."
  10. I really didn't see it that way. What you describe is the way they see the emperor in StarWars.....I always felt that people (in the movie) saw Darth Vader as a fear-inspiring but very competent leader....even honorable and just....tho he set high standards and his justice was harsh. LOL what a controversial character he must be if we talk about him this much...
  11. Will tell u the truth as she sees it....even if u don't want to hear it.
  12. hmmm ... 5 for both ? :DI know that will not be tolerated...
  13. I'd go for adapting some Wh40K for the big screen.....which is kind of a dark and gloomy post-modern sci-fi setting. Kind of a mix of Band of brothers, David Lynchs Dune, and Judge Dredd. But I'd give Emma the lead role because the (epic trilogy ) story would be built around her character. Not really sure if I could actually physically survive playing the main support character. (I guess I'd rather go for set & prop design)
  14. Your perception of sin and forgiveness seems very heavily influenced by catholicism, which is a very bureaucratic form of christianity with strict rules and set procedures for everything. In the end, its them who forgive you or at least tell you you're forgiven. Ask yourself if they have the right to do that just because they have built an entire society around their interpretation of the bible. I think somewhere in the bible it says god is more happy about a single sinner who repents than about a whole lot of righteous people (or close to that). Sounds like you are meant to realize what's w
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    You're too young for that.
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    aww no, don't think so!
  17. How long does this usually last? I mean the raised lines?How long do they stay that way? If u don't mind me asking.
  18. Lol...I guess the answers in this thread tell a lot about the psyche of the individual. We like characters whose traits we can empathize with or that we'd like to emulate in certain ways. So yeah *gulp* I guess one of my guilty secrets is out!
  19. Is responsible for slightly more than 14 % of all posts on this site! WHOA!
  20. You will like this......Darth Vader! He always seems to know what to do and he's not above getting his hands dirty himself, but he tolerates crap from no one and if you bungle it too badly too often, you're dead. There's probably others, but yeah, DV is definitely one. Tbh, I thot he was "da man with a plan" from the very first moment I saw him!
  21. Yeah....cool.....comes in real handy if u need to take short notes in the middle of nowhere....
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