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  1. Yeah Jonny, why not have someone nobody knows talk about it. That would surely benefit the cause a lot more because it's more...real? Now that I think about it, how the hell could we ever allow to have dozens of artists perform for band aid in the 80's for starving people in africa when they had no personal experience as humanitarian aid workers or as victims of starvation at all? What sort of scam was that? Those ethiopians must have felt so betrayed....
  2. America....lots of things to like about it
  3. LOL I'm sure Emma will be able to pay for Nutella no matter what...all that money will finally be good for something !
  4. Tbh, I can't say that I liked him as an actor. His movies were just not the kind for me. If it was suicide, I hope he found what he was looking for.
  5. Lol well...I have caused some controversy it seems. I think that this thread will and must ultimately remain an interesting idea only. I think there are no "family friendly", true fantasies about anyone you are capable of having a romantic interaction with - if they were to appear so here, i believe they are either not yet fully formed or have been edited in some way by its owner. Your mind makes the effort to construct an entire script in your head. It does that because it's obsessed with that person to some extent and you can get (or at least have a hope of getting) what is impossible in the
  6. Maybe I do. Or maybe total bodily exertion and final "entwined" unconsciousness is just a metaphor for something else. Would you swear its not? But never mind, I'm not saying that to anger you.
  7. Rescue crews finding you unconscious holding hands? Come on, just admit to it. Why not a fantasy of meeting her in the VIP area of an airport while your flights are delayed due to snow? You talk for two or three hours about the weather, the economy, and life in general, and thats it. Boarding starts and life goes on. THAT is family friendly
  8. Lol I don't know how that could NOT be the pretext to something not "family friendly" ...
  9. Good to see you back here The look reminds me of someone famous but I just can't place it
  10. Watching Soccer World Cup finale opening
  11. I admit the first one looks a little weird, but dental problem on this one? Her teeth look perfectly ok to me...
  12. My absolute fave is a 50/50 mix of Cardhu single malt and Irish Mist. Could be called a waste of Cardhu maybe but hey....
  13. It's private right now, but I'm sure it will be made public the moment she decides to spend her life sorting through mail.
  14. 130671

    I'm back (:

    Welcome back then
  15. On the point of sexiness : Not every low-cut and revealing dress worn ONCE on a red carpet is an expression of a newfound attitude. She is an actress, remember? And her job doesn't just end on the last day of shooting. "Slutty" clothing doesn't seem to be a regular part of her wardrobe. On the point of betrayal : I felt betrayed when she didn't - oh well never mind. Get over it. On the point of talking like person X but acting like person Y : Sounds like the average woman to me I don't know what it's like to have your pic taken 24/7 and have every word you say recorded and played back to y
  16. And those ways are...? I would have liked Emma Watson to be a lot of things, but she is just some and not others - by design, by accident, who knows. But it never fails to amaze me how some people can't keep from openly voicing their disappointment about how she does not live up to their standards. What is it about role models that you need them so badly?
  17. Happy 19th birthday, Emma :hug: ! I'm sorry I don't have much for you except a place to get away from it all..... ....and this to relax....and because I'm sorry we didn't get to talk these days.... .... I hope that will change again!
  18. Wow how did you get a pic of me at 5 in the morning ....
  19. Apparently you didn't get the part where i said "often associated". Whoever did this photo manip didn't do it to spotlight Emma Watson's independence and spirit, he (yes I'm sure it was a guy) did it to show to the world what he would like her to be. A pretty vessel to be filled with what he considered to be "true" qualities. That's why many do manips of her. Because she is the perfect canvas for projections. Also, I didn't say I considered any other place on earth the ultimate paradise of women's rights. But it's good that you made absolutely sure that millions of islamic women wear that thi
  20. I didn't say anything about "race". But I do think that the lifestyle often associated with that piece of headwear (which tries to relegate women to the role of domestic servant as much as possible) is ultimately not going to get any society on this earth anywhere...so if Emma were to end up like that for whatever reason it would be a great loss. Which would be yuck .
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