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  1. well that has to be best styling and makeup ever on her then.

  2. who is that girl in your avatar and signature pic?

  3. lol i guess they do!

    (or i'll just take a hug for a bday-present!)

    good to hear from you though! :P

  4. hey there how r u elena :)

  5. what kind of incident was that? :)

  6. Aww....I've never been called that before! :D

  7. Uhmmm....well any spare muscle cars, briefcases full of cash or rights to real estate, feel free to send them over... :D

  8. :) I accept all kinds of presents though... :D
  9. yes i do tho jia did a good job too and she had some good emma pics

  10. As long as you wait until she's out of there Dax.... :D

  11. hey how's it going? yanow i haven't forgotten about those pics... :P

  12. Have you been reading the Silmarillion?

  13. hey compressor :)

  14. lol u think no one told her?

  15. must be some malfunction :)

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