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  1. I'd like to, but it won't let me in!

  2. well it would be nice if u came back here sometime....maybe in time for ur 21st bday?

    and bring some pics of u !!!... :) ...

  3. Wow! Interesting perspective.

  4. EMMAAAAA!!!


  5. Yeah I thought so but that one was just too good to resist lol

  6. Good to see u again

  7. Take the time to check ur messages :)

  8. Aww thats good to hear....i guess a change in signatures is in order....

  9. :D

    well something happened...just look at my sig...quite scary actually

  10. well gotta go now...or else i'll have to have breakfast at 3 pm again

  11. i'm off right now for work....i'll respond to pm later today...life is hard for working couples it seems! ;)

  12. lol have you noticed how large arie's family already is ? she even has a twin brother

  13. i work 9 to 5 so to speak...it's an office job


  14. not really...but you know, bills won't pay themselves

  15. LOL...well you don't know what kind of office it is! I could tell you...but then I'd have to...you know?!? =D

  16. Thx...even though I work there, I try not to look the part...

  17. Yeah...not really one for suits and ties and...well deep down inside maybe that office thing wasn't "mine" to begin with...

  18. Why ? What did she do?

    Well maybe dig it a little deeper and wider....I might yet join u in there....

  19. Good to see you again

  20. Jen! What did u say to her? :)

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