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  1. cuz dinner comes first lol!

  2. 'hugs* and good night :P

  3. emmy what's going on?

  4. following some of ur posts is intriguing...

  5. I'm good so far...a lil concerned over emmy though... :P she's not just someone to me now...

  6. :P Good to know! I heard u were on vacation? What was it like?
  7. LMAO! you were quite funny...maybe kim can dig around in the chat logs to find your little intermezzo there .... :D :D :D

  8. LOL ardi nice one there in the chat....but next time try something better than jack ! :)

  9. *keeps fingers crossed* >.<

  10. aww emmy don't say such things...it will be the talk of the town :P

  11. yeah i am :P

    i have to have some faults? :)

  12. have a fun time in paris ! lol

  13. I'm ok. Being lazy sounds good ! :P

  14. hey nice to see u back here! u must have done a ton of work in the meantime! :)

  15. Sorry to hear that. Tho it seems u get along well over there in AZ in a general way...thats good news :)

    Well, ladies and me is something that doesn't work anymore...

  16. Hey, I hope things worked out for u with that dude

  17. uhm...chatroom doesn't like me it seems

  18. lol k...let's chat right here on emmy's profile... :D

  19. yeah lol...everyone is gone...and tom is playing some online game these days and using swear words and stuff...very funny...but yeah we're a bunch of losers and i'm off to bed :)

  20. glad u enjoyed the evening :P

  21. lol so what movie was it?

  22. aww cinema and restaurant finished lol...hope it was fun :)

  23. I'm like here!

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