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  1. WOW at that last one! LOVE it! Don't know nor care if those were paparazzi shots (did Emma publicly pose with shades?) but those are beautiful O_O.
  2. It's a blast! . Far better than Toy Story 3 in my opinion, and the 3D was DAZZLING GOOD! If you have a Blu-ray player, seriously, at the very least, rent the movie lol
  3. Finished the OTH season . And don't worry, I'll answer to your PM, just been busy right now ... I WANT SEASON 8!!!!
  4. I give up. You don't read half my post so I don't expect you to understand what I'm saying lol. Geoffrey Rush portrays Pirate Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean one, two, three and four ... Show me a link that states otherwise. And yes, the love couple had damn good performance skills ... Now that I think of ... What's the most recent thing I've seen Orlando in? Probably nothing really strong since he played Will Turner.
  5. My guess is that it will certainly be nominated for Best Picture. I think this year will also have 10 nominees so it will be a tough fight. Strong front-runners along with Inception:: The Fighter, Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Town (maybe?), The Social Network, True Grit (that movie looks like a bore to me ... but it will be praised)
  6. As we're back to my question, since you didn't say more than "he's not Barbossa anymore" whereas every other source I read/saw didn't say anything about it lol. So read better, too lol. Not true about the Wiki thing though. Most of its English pages (and a smaller percentage in other languages) of the articles are being controlled and moderated. Write crap on a "big" page and it won't last a day.
  7. You know something I only noticed when I watched DHP1? (Yes, I admit, that was pretty slow ...) ... Even the bad guys don't curse ... And no, not "they don't curse in the movies so the HP movies can get a PG-13 rating" but also in the novels, they never curse lol. "Blimey" or "Merlin's beard" isn't cursing lol.
  8. Yeah the old Nightwish ... I haven't listened to their new stuff since I heard the "new" vocalist :/
  9. The thing is that its effect has been controversial. Some say one inhalation is worth 30 cigarettes at once, while others say it's as healthy as 1/30th ... So which is it?
  10. Omg how could I have forgotten 'em? BON JOVI ALL THE WAY! And yes! Pink Floyd would have ROCKED live O_O. But they won't ever band up ... as one of their members passed away ... You like Nightwish's latest singer? I'm seeing Linkin Park on February 19 in Vegas
  11. Sad thing. I wouldn't have minded if she had been smoking chocolate cigarettes ...
  12. Right here! She ROCKED in Iron Man 2 O_O and she was pretty strong in her character as Silken Floss in The Spirit (for the ones who've seen it, although the movie's script isn't worth a rat's something-something ...) And I don't detest her as a singer . Calming voice
  13. Yeah! Was it me or was Hermione's hair in DHP1 PRACTICALLY blond? Reminded me of the OOTP marketing period with Emma's almost blond hair.
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