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  1. VS is what.... what is this magazine/// why did i think of victoria's secret when i saw this...
  2. watch it before answer #1
  3. I wanna delete because i have no friends on Facebook.... What a tragedy..
  4. let her rest in peace.. F**k the gunner RAMSEY!!! you scored once and one famous person dead! all because of you!!!
  5. Ballet Shoes... She changes so far from Hermione... and after that,she can be so excellent
  6. the one that got away (katy) and we found love(Glee cast version)
  7. Chord is very good!!and he is very big...(as a beast...)
  8. love my love,eat what i haven't eaten yet,and say goodbye to you guys
  9. Jackie

    Katy Perry

    yeah..and "the one that got away" is really good.. it should get the #1 in the billboard hot100.
  10. why i think the best is Love Actually?
  11. Happy new year to you!
  12. Merry Christmas to Emma and you all..
  13. I and all of you guys love her..
  14. Jackie


    her cat is SO adorable!!
  15. HI i am Jack used to be @Avril13 and i am a college student now.. I'd like to make friends here.. WELCOME everybody! and Merry X-mas!!
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