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  1. um For the Emma & Kristen banner Text can be: "Cause you're amazing, Just the way you are" & for the Emma & Rob banner text can be: "All your sex and your diamonds"
  2. I used to DJ also play Piano (haven't in so long) I have taken up Electric guitar & I play drums also. I was a singer in a band b4 too. It was really fun
  3. wow Tom I love your photos! After I finish my year in College for graphic design I would love to take a course on Photography!
  4. Can I make a request as well? Someone plz do Emma Watson & Kristen Stewart on one Banner for me? 1024x768 ? I'll credit you. Also one with Emma Watson & Robert Pattinson?
  5. hmmm Chuck will be in Master Daddy with Wesley Snipes who played in Game Of Death with Zoe Bell who worked with Chris Cooper in The Kingdom Chris Cooper was in Remember Me with Robert Pattinson who was in GOF with Emma Watson. How about Evan Rachel Wood?
  6. I am terrified of haunted houses! I remember going to one when I was little and it scared me so bad that ever since I have NEVER stepped into another one lol
  7. I have a scary story sorta that happened to me due to the fact of me watching Blair Witch Project lol This was in the late 90's and we got finished watching the movie (me and my friends). Well I was younger than them so the movie pretty much had me thinking it was all real. Well it was late at night so we just went outside in the backyard of my house and we decided to play hide and seek. So I was hiding in the bushes while one of my friends was counting. Well I waited and waited trying to keep quiet. It was really pitch dark and quiet around me. I suddenly started hearing footsteps near me s
  8. I wish I could go! Maybe next year I will make a trip if possible
  9. I love Ronmione! But I admit I did ship Harry & Hermione before liking Rob & Hermione 2gether lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6iMDKn_cDM
  10. I am really interested on if she is doing this movie or not. I hope she is doing the movie b/c I really miss her already as an actress lol
  11. Eliza worked with Alan Rickman in Nobel Son & Alan worked with Emma in HP series =] hmmm how about Sandra Bullock??
  12. I am listening to "The Animal In Me" by Motley Crue!
  13. I always wanted to go to the premieres but yeah they cost waaaay too much. Which is a shame
  14. I can't wait for deathly hallows to release! every time I see Emma I just squeeee! Pretty dorky yes but idc
  15. I thought Emma was fantastic as Pauline (which is my middle name) lol I own the dvd & I love the movie so much.
  16. I love Emma as Hermione! Hermione has always been my favorite character & Emma is one of my favorite actresses!
  17. My favorite books are GOF & DH I love the story in GOF & the adventures. Same goes for DH even though it's more of a sad story it really leaves you wanting more of the story.
  18. I hope to see her in movies after HP ends!
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