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  1. I think its lovely of you to ask our opinion Jo In terms of the site! I would LOVE to see more updates from Emma but to be honest she is super busy and she is entitled to a private life! I definately think more pics - I'd LOVE to see that now she has finished HP, some sort of photo album/slideshow of personal snaps of her/cast/crew onset. I again understand that these are private to her but it would still be nice My questions: 1) As a scottish Fan, I would love to know if she has tried Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (potato's) and if so did she like it? 2) How does she NOT post on her tw
  2. As someone who is currently trying to grow their hair out of a pixie crop it is a total nightmare! I can't get it to sit right AT ALL. Its all over the place. However, my prom is in June so I'm hoping it'll grow long enough for me so I can actually do something with it! However, I adore having short hair as it not only, I feel, suits me better but it is SO much easier to look after (you can wash your hair in the sink!!) which makes it worth while. Anyway, back to Emma haha! I'm not saying this to sound cocky or anything but the day Emma announced that she'd chopped all her hair off was the sam
  3. Hey I've looked at that photo behind david and I don't actually think its ron and Hermione, or it could be but not the kiss because it looks like whoever it is, has a school uniform on from the collars and the black jumper. Sorry if I'm burting anyones bubble (I could be wrong of course!!) but thats what I think And this is one thing I don't want to be spoiled! If they put even a lean in, in the trailer, I will cry!!
  4. Okay so I have just finished crying that is my favourite song in the world and that video is stunning :')
  5. To be honest, as much as I adore Emma and can't imagine how embarrassing it must of been for her at that moment, Viviane Westwood is a far more recognised figure than Emma is in terms of the fashion industry, yes Emma is very much in the "fashion circuit" but not near as well known as Westwood therefore I'm not surprised at all that she did not know who Emma was. However, I do think it was rather rude that she was asked to present Emma with an award and did not have the courtesy to google emma or get one of her people to do it :/. I do think it was funny in a way tho and I love that she was be
  6. Her dress is by Valentino and in my opinion, the best dress i have ever seen her in Simply stunning and she's convinced me to keep my hair short for prom (my hairs a similar length to emma's and Im wearing a long dress ) anyway....she is presenting the best film award tonight
  7. aw it won't let me post it It was the from teen vouge!
  8. One of the rare photo's with her braces - love it
  9. ************** SPOILER ALERT ************** Right here it goes guys I've seen it twice now so my review could end up quite long haha! Well. I thought this was by far the best Harry Potter movie since the third one. The acting by the three main leads was outstanding particularly Rupert but more on that later... I thought the opening scene were it showed how each individual character was sacrificing their lives for Harry was a touching way to show the audience, readers and non-readers a like what they went through. Hermione modifying her parents memories was really sad (Emma looked dead c
  10. Dook, you took the words right out of my mouth. A lot of my friends love the Harry Potter movies (not that they really have a choice there ) but when I say something like "Oh my god Emma Watson chopped off all her hair" and they'll all go Whose that? And until I explain, they're all pretty much oblivious to who she is. So my point here is that unless you are an Emma fan, you probably wouldn't regonise her, especially now with her haircut so I do believe there is people out there that will not know who she is. And we all know very well that Emma Watson is anthing but stupid, she's been doing it
  11. It really annoys me that Tabloids will post pictures/updates the minute emma is spotted with a male that is not her dad/brother when they never post anything about her WORK. She is a normal 20 year old girl for goodness sake - who cares!!
  12. I cant wait you looks like she will suit the role perfectly I think this will be the role to really show all those nasty critics out there that she does more than "raise her eyebrows" I wonder how big her part is considering she is at uni, what do you guys think?
  13. I adore her hair, I really am considering getting it cut this short as it is al ready really short but hmm, Im not as pretty as Emma to pull it off I don't think
  14. This girl is stunning and a true insperation, and I WANT that bag
  15. That article was a really interesting read She's certainly a Daddy's girl I admire her sooooo much
  16. thanks dook so does this mean she's on holiday, man she must be jet lagged!!
  17. there are pictures on the main website now so its true EXCITED
  18. Stunning icons everyone I wish I was as talented as you guys boma I may use one of your short haired Emma icons - full credit will be given of course
  19. I saw that quote too galadriel12 (cool name ) and I just arrrrrrggghhhed at the screen! Jeezo! Perhaps I should write to a tissue company and ask for a few free boxes cos I know I'm gonna need a LOT of them!! Especially, as you guys are all mentioning, freds death and ron's reaction as he's my favourite character so it'll just be awful but brilliant at the same time - I have complete faith in rupert to do Ron justice here And as for the soundtrack well...<3 is really all that needs to be said here
  20. I know Vanessa it's my all time favourite Emma photo and I actually bought that exact dress
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