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  1. ^^thats something good if everyone is getting their rights. Thank you "Arie" for this piece of knowledge.
  2. OrdiNarY BoY


    I love her voice. My best song from her is "Rolling in the deep".
  3. I really want to know about Judism. My question to you Arie is that none of the religion in this world teaches you to opress someone. Nor it asks you to throw people out of there house & start living in there. What the Jewish scriptures says about the occupied Palestine land.
  4. we shouldn't point out whose topics are pointless,for sure it will offense the counter part & this forum is a friendly one so...... Indeed she is beautiful & no 1 is ugly. Every1 is created in his/her best shape.
  5. As usual looking adorable bt is that a Weg!!!
  6. I wish she never ever joins that SHIT
  7. Welcome Katja^_^ its Max. Hope u enjoy your time on this froum...
  8. feel really sorry about those who lost their loved one.
  9. You are not alone on the boat dude xD. I still remember I joined this forum in 2005 for the same reason lol
  10. Got 2 cellphones. 1. Nokia N81. 2. Nokia 5530 Xpress Music.
  11. Hello & welcome...hope u enjoy
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