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Emma To Become The Latest Ambassador For Lancome

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Emma Watson is about to sign a six-figure deal to become the latest ambassador for Lancome.

The campaign is to be shot by celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino next month, and will feature Emma as the face of the French beauty brand in posters and TV advertising.

‘It’s so exciting, I can’t wait to start shooting,’

Emma, 20, said. ‘Although I don’t wear much make-up I’m a big fan of Lancome products, especially their mascara.’


The fresh-faced actress will be quite a change from Lancome’s previous thirtysomething ambassadors, who have included Juliette Binoche, Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts.


The deal comes as Emma prepares to bid farewell to the Harry Potter series, in which she has played Hermione since she was ten, with the final film out later this year.


The star – who cut her hair short to mark the end of life as Hermione – will fit her Lancome role around studies at Brown University in America.




I don't know if this thing is legitimate, but if its true, its a good opportunity for Emma.:)

And...Emma's right. Lancome DOES make wonderful mascara... :D

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I'll wait to hear this either from Emma herself or from a more credible source. I still remember that whole "face of Chanel" rumor that the Daily Mail constantly spread despite both Emma and Chanel confirming it was false. There were even a few articles after it was debunked that stated that Emma was the face of Chanel in past hence, implying that it happened even though it didn't. How can a paper be in that much denial that they were wrong?


This rumor sounds credible and it does have quotes that apparently came from Emma. It's just that I can't take a group of tabloid writers who live in a fantasy world in which Emma was the face of Chanel seriously.


I hope this is true and I hope we hear it from Emma or a credible source(which doesn't just copy this article) soon.

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I kinda doubt this.I mean she has her college and filming for Perks.If she does this when will she find the time to spent some time with her family/friends and get some rest?

I hope it's true,it would be great but I think it's fake.(hope I'll be proven wrong :P )

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I don't think this would take up a lot of her time. I think Julia Roberts did one photoshoot for the mascara, and that was basically it, but it made sure her face was everywhere for two years.


I guess it's a good opportunity for her to stay in the fashion business, just to keep things going.


Time will tell if it's true.

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Now that we know it is true I'm wondering when the campaign will be released. Wasn't Midnight Rose supposed to be released in April? It's in the middle of the month and we havn't heard anything. I'm pretty sure in will be SOON, maybe the beginning of next week, because people will be in shopping mood right before easter.

What do you think?

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