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You know, this is quite funny that this is being asked because I have gone through phases of obsessions. I will list them as follows:

September-October: Video games and gaming. I found my Play Station 2 and hooked it up (yeah, I have a PS 2...I know, a little outdated :lol: ) and started buying more games for it. I would sit up way past 7 AM playing Splinter Cell and Midnight Club 3. Sad, I know...but I was trying to find something to do with my time other than two jobs.

November: Volunteering, Harry Potter (I read through book 7 before Part one came out in theatres), running.

December-January: The Forum and Chat :blush::doh: I got way too addicted because of the FABULOUS PEOPLE HERE!

Now: Eating healthy, exercising (running, cycling, may take a pilates class), traveling, researching university programs, reading/writing, and MAKING LISTS. Lists will be my DOWNFALL! :doh:

See how I made the transition? :0_0: I replaced obsession with moderation. Haha.


Let's see what next month's obsessions are. LOL.

-insert pirate smiley (THAT WE NEED) here-

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