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The Hoosiers (Band, not Indiana people :3)


Bon Iver

Childish Gambino

George Watsky

Cafe Tacvba

Dr Pepper


How I Met Your Mother

The Elder Scrolls IV & V (Oblivion & Skyrim)

Borderlands 2

Chelsea FC (Pwned Man U, just sayin')

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It's about time I found someone else who likes them! Barely anyone I know has ever heard of them. They deserve much more praise and recognition than they get.


Also Two Door Cinema Club.

lol, you need to hang around more stoners. We know Morning Jacket. I need to look into Two Door Cinema Club. Are they like Morning Jacket?

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Harry Potter...always! :)

Anne Boleyn or anything Tudor related really.

The actress Sarah Bolger. Shes playing in this season of Once Upon A Time.

Kerli! Shes a great singer and so inspirational. Here's her newest single.


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make-up(ordered an eyelash curler and received it today, and now that I know Emma has one too mascara here I come)

photoshop that's an old addiction

books from F Scott Fitzgerald....getting addicted to this writer



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