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What are you doing now?

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....actually I do. May I have one please?

*gives him one apple* There you little boy. *pat* I'd give you some of my coffee too, but coffee is one of the few things i don't share :D

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In Starbucks since my class got canceled. My next class isn't for 3 hours. Someone comes hang out with me!! Lol


*raises hand*


Just chilling in the student union at uni with some friends; got nothing to do for another 4 hours.

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:o You didn't finish it!?


i did it last night, thinking that it would dry up by this morning. should take less than an hour to dry

but i guess i did something wrong, maybe too much water!






just got outta shower, dry hair and pick out clothes


I'm watching Slumdog Millionaire


love that movie :P

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